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What is a K-shape Recession? How Will it Impact Commercial Real Estate

The economy was shaken by the global pandemic and many people have had to adjust their professional lives drastically. Entire industries were affected and many are still experiencing the impacts of the recession brought on by COVID-19.

While some things are starting to look up, we expect a number of the negative effects to be long-lasting. The experts at Katalyst are sharing insights on how the pandemic has and continues to impact the economy, and what commercial real estate will look like post-pandemic.

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Factors Impacting the Des Moines Housing Market & Rental Environment

Des Moines housing and rental market trends have evolved over the years and there are many factors contributing to these changes. Along with lifestyle and generational shifts, our world is still facing a global pandemic. This life-changing event has impacted the economy, how we live our lives and various industries for better or worse. Over a year in, we can start to anticipate which changes are here to stay and track Des Moines rental market trends.

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How Technology is Changing Commercial Real Estate

How Technology is Changing Commercial Real Estate: Top 3 Trends in 2021

Technology is always evolving. Innovation has impacts that ripple across all industries, and commercial real estate is no exception. New and emerging technology is leading to changes in the commercial real estate industry. From virtual reality to smart building solutions, join us in exploring some of the hottest commercial real estate technology trends.

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2020 Commercial Real Estate Trends

2020 Commercial Real Estate Trends

Commercial Real Estate Trends: Takeaways From 2020

Many things about 2020 were unprecedented and shrouded in uncertainty, and the commercial real estate market was no exception. Throughout the year, there have been concerns from both renters and property owners as we all navigated this unpredictable territory.

As we look forward to the coming year and the predictions for the multifamily industry in 2021, we’ll first reflect on the trends we saw each quarter in our 2020 commercial market review for Des Moines.

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Return on Investment vs Return on Equity

Which is More Important: Return on Investment or Return on Equity?

There are many ways to calculate the value of a real estate investment: return on investment, cash-on-cash, internal rate of return and more. Individuals should study a variety of different financial ratios before investing in rental property.

One calculation, return on equity (ROE), provides important insights about the impact of changes in the market and shifts in commercial real estate trends. Savvy property investors need to continually evaluate how these outside factors could affect the value of their property. Read on to learn more on how to calculate return on equity and use ROE data to make key investment decisions.

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Unique Services and Amenities

7 Unique Apartment Services and Amenities That Will Attract New Tenants

If you own a multifamily property, it’s important to invest in regular maintenance and updates. Potential tenants look for clean units with modern appliances and fixtures. If you want your properties to stand out from the crowd, offer unique apartment services and amenities tenants won’t find anywhere else.

Adding one or more of these unique features could add value to your property, attract new tenants and keep current residents satisfied and more likely to renew their leases. Read on to explore upcoming commercial real estate trends, along with some of the best apartment amenities to offer when you’re looking to boost interest in your property.

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Multifamily niches

Multifamily Niches

How to Pick a Niche in Commercial Real Estate

One 2019 housing survey found 80% of respondents reporting that renting was a better fit for their current lifestyle when compared to buying a home. As more and more individuals choose to continue renting, renter demographics are also shifting. In fact, recent renter growth is largely in the high-income category.

In order to meet the evolving needs of renters, commercial property and apartment owners should consider optimizing their services and amenities to cater to a specific type of renter. Read on to discover our tips for how to pick a niche in the commercial real estate industry.

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Still bullish on Des Moines: State of the Market participants see bright future for this Iowa city

Steady and resilient. Those are the words that panelists used during the second annual Des Moines State of the Market summit held Aug. 25 by Midwest Real Estate News and REjournals.

Just think of how participants would have described this key Iowa market if it, like all major cities across the country, wasn’t fighting through an economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As 2020 started, the commercial real estate market in Des Moines was strong, with deal velocity rising, vacancies falling and rents soaring. Then the pandemic hit, and that all came to a halt.

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Missed Due Diligence Items

Missed Due Diligence Items During Your Due Diligence Inspection

8 Common Due Diligence Mistakes for Multifamily Properties

Investing in multifamily real estate is exciting, and multifamily rentals have the potential to deliver huge returns. However, if you’re new to commercial real estate investments, you may benefit from some assistance during the purchasing and due diligence process — especially during property assessments.

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