Questionnaire: How to Interview a Real Estate Agent

Listing Agent Questionnaire:

1. Who are you?:

2. What company do you work for?

3. Is your company:
o Franchise:
o Corporate:
o Boutique:

4. What area of commercial real estate do you specialize in?
o Retail
o Industrial
o Office
o Multifamily
o Hospitality
o Other

5. Do you have a niche inside of that asset class? .

6. What is your geographic focus?
o Des Moines
o Northern Suburbs
o Southern Suburbs
o Western Suburbs
o Eastern Suburbs
o Central Iowa
o All of Iowa
o Other:

7. What is your average price of sales sold in the last five years?
o $500,000-$1 Million
o $1 Million – $2 Million
o $2 Million – $3 Million
o $3 Million – $3 Million
o $3 Million – $5 Million
o $5 Million+

8. What listings do you currently have on the market? .

9. How do you market your properties for sale? Please provide/check all that apply:
o Online Market Place
i. Crexi
ii. LoopNet
iii. CoStar
iv. Catalyst
v. Buildout
vi. MLS (Multiple Listings Service)
vii. Individual Website
viii. Other
o Corporate Webpage/Listing
o Direct Mailing
o Email Blast
o Prospect Calling

10. How do you do your research? What sources do you use? .

11. How do you protect my: data, financial information, lease information, tax returns, and other confidential information from buyers? .

12. What commission rate do you charge? .

13. How do you split your commission? Do you work with other agents, brokerages, offices? .

14. Do you “pocket-list” your listings? If yes, for how long? .

15. If you Do/Do-NOT split commissions can you tell me why and how that works? .

16. How big is your Prospecting (email/calling) list of owners with property similar to mine? .

17. What is your desired listing agreement time-frame? Why that amount?
o 1-3 Months
o 3-16 Months
o 6-12 Months
o 12+ Months

18. How long do you think it will take to sell my asset? .

19. How long have you been agent? .

20. How long have you specialized? .

21. How often do you communicate with me OR provide Listing Reports?
o Weekly
o Bi-Monthly
o Monthly

22. What would a successful business transaction for us look like to you? .

23. Do you currently own commercial property? If yes, please describe for me .

24. Will your properties directly compete with mine and my listing? .

25. Who are your team members?
o Assistant:
o Listing Specialists:
o Buyer Specialists:
o Underwriter:
o Marketing Agent:

26. Remarks/Other: .