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Quarterly Report: Q2:2022

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Quarterly Report: Q1:2022

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investing in real estate markets.

Understanding the 3 Types of Real Estate Markets: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary

At the Katalyst Team, our goal is to help commercial real estate investors maximize their success as they pursue their goals. One thing we always want to encourage investors to do is to keep an open mind about the markets you’re pursuing and to expand your horizons when it comes to making multifamily deals. Some investors start to feel stuck in their local market, so we’re sharing tips and tricks for expanding your portfolio into other geographic areas. Read on to learn more about the different types of real estate markets: primary, secondary and tertiary.

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how homeownership impacts commercial real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Trends: What Homeownership Rates Can Tell Us

One major housing question many adults face at some point in their life is the question of whether to rent or buy. It can take time to save up for a down payment and prepare for the responsibility of homeownership, but buying a house is an investment many aspire to. Renting, on the other hand, has its own set of pros and cons.

If you’re interested in investing in multifamily rental properties, you should be keeping an eye on the homeownership rates in your area, as they can significantly impact the rental market. Read on for more information about homeownership rates and how they can impact your investments.

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NOI and Cap Rates: The Ugly Truth

Two of the most common metrics used to measure the profitability of a multifamily real estate investment are net operating income (NOI) and capitalization rate (cap rate). These metrics can also be used to provide a quick comparison between different properties in order to help investors make informed decisions about which investment might be the best deal.

What some beginner investors don’t realize is that NOI and cap rate calculations are not always the most accurate tools for predicting a property’s profitability. The KataLYST Team has spent countless hours exploring commercial real estate trends and common practices, including deep dives into calculations such as NOI and cap rate. Read on to find out more about how to calculate cap rate from NOI accurately and which metrics might be more accurate for determining profitability in multifamily markets.

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Commercial Real Estate Trends: The Impact of Inflation for Investors

The prices of goods and services in America change constantly. While some brands raise their prices, others offer discounts to try to keep up with the economy. For many years now prices have been rising, which causes inflation. In times of inflation, the value of the dollar decreases meaning the dollar doesn’t stretch as far as it used to. While inflation can have a negative impact on consumers and even professionals across many industries, multifamily property owners can actually benefit from it.

The KataLYST Team has been studying and keeping up with commercial real estate trends in Des Moines and surrounding communities. We also specialize in multifamily properties and are committed to helping Iowans get the most out of their investments. Read on to hear our top tips for multifamily property investors in times of inflation.

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Why Hire a Specialist: The Road to Commercial Real Estate Success

The rental market has been booming lately, and if you’ve considered dipping your toes into multifamily rental properties, make sure you’re fully prepared. Investors can use commercial real estate as a tremendous opportunity to make more money, but if they don’t do their homework they could find themselves regretting their investment. Find out why hiring a multifamily real estate specialist is worth it and what expertise an agent can provide to buyers.

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What is a K-shape Recession? How Will it Impact Commercial Real Estate

The economy was shaken by the global pandemic and many people have had to adjust their professional lives drastically. Entire industries were affected and many are still experiencing the impacts of the recession brought on by COVID-19.

While some things are starting to look up, we expect a number of the negative effects to be long-lasting. The experts at Katalyst are sharing insights on how the pandemic has and continues to impact the economy, and what commercial real estate will look like post-pandemic.

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Factors Impacting the Des Moines Housing Market & Rental Environment

Des Moines housing and rental market trends have evolved over the years and there are many factors contributing to these changes. Along with lifestyle and generational shifts, our world is still facing a global pandemic. This life-changing event has impacted the economy, how we live our lives and various industries for better or worse. Over a year in, we can start to anticipate which changes are here to stay and track Des Moines rental market trends.

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