As an owner and seller of a commercial real estate asset there are many misconceptions on what an agent does to help sell your property and quite honestly, there are a lot of agents who don’t provide value to you as a seller. With that in mind, we at The KataLYST Team want to always let you know how we operate and work for YOU and what makes us different.


We fulfill the advisory role and offer many of our services, reports, and knowledge for free so that we are never pushing you to sell. It is our belief that ONLY you can decide when the best time to sell is and it is our goal to be here for you if and when that time comes. However, until that time comes we want to be a valuable resource for you in your ownership and our goal is to always help you maximize your revenue and decrease your expenses. We can do this because we specialize as a team and we are LOCAL to the markets we operate in unlike many national firms.


When the time does come to sell your property, or assets, we believe in going above and beyond in our custom marketing approaches which include but are not limited to: video walk-throughs and drone footage, custom mailings and flyers to all buyers, social media marketing to buyers, document vaults, specific prospecting calls to buyers in and out of the market, and immediate broadcasting of that asset to all brokerages and listing platforms. It is our belief that our #1 job of LYSTing your property is the marketing and negotiation of that asset and therefore we put a strong emphasis on marketing strategies and tactics.


Another component that sets The KataLYST Team apart is our transparency in the marketplace upon LYSTing a property. It is at times commonly practiced for agents to withhold a property from the general market in the hopes of a double-side commission OR to not cooperate with outside brokagers in order for the listing agent to make more money and at The KataLYST Team we do NOT practice this philosophy. While our buyers do get early access to our deals through our Retainer and Exclusive Agency programs, once a property is LYSTed for sale with The KataLYST Team it will be activated and available for the open public within 30 days of all signed documents. It is our belief that the more potential buyers and agents that can view your property the greater likelihood of A) The highest prices and B) The best terms.


The final component of LYSTing with The KataLYST Team is the transaction coordination once a property is under contract. It is estimated that almost 50% of deals fall apart at some point in the due diligence or inspection period and here at The KataLYST Team we can boast that we have a 90%+ close ratio upon an offer being accepted AND closed within a reasonable time-frame of the agreed upon closing date (with very few of deals getting delayed by more than 14 days of the closing date originally agreed upon in the purchase agreement), this is due to our careful screening of the buyers and our upfront process of qualifying a LYSTing for sale. Additionally, because we have an internal team familiar with the sales process and the transaction from the very beginning we can manage a deal more effectively and efficiently creating a top-shelf experience for sellers.

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Jared Husmann
Jared Husmann
The Katalyst Team
The Katalyst Team
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