The Katalyst Team Katalyst (noun) - (ka-tə-ləst)

Katalyst (noun) – (ka-tə-ləst) : an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action in your commercial real estate goals

In physics and chemistry, a “catalyst” is described as something that creates or expedites changes in a given substance or element.  This term has often been utilized most predominantly in the real estate development sector as projects are deemed “catalysts” to other development projects in a close vicinity.

At the Katalyst Team, we strive to be the “catalyst” to your investment goals and strategies.  We strive to help you not just look at individual investments but to utilize tactics inside of a larger strategy for success.  We strive to utilize technologies and data to provide you with tools and insights that are utilized by Wall Street investors and institutions to better equip you in your commercial real estate investments.  We strive to be advisors and a valuable resource and member of your team!

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