• 1Jun

Factors Impacting the Des Moines Housing Market & Rental Environment Jared Husmann

Des Moines housing and rental market trends have evolved over the years and there are many factors contributing to these changes. Along with lifestyle and generational shifts, our world is still facing a global pandemic. This life-changing event has impacted the economy, how we live our lives and various industries for better or worse.…
  • 24Mar

How Technology is Changing Commercial Real Estate Jared Husmann

How Technology is Changing Commercial Real Estate: Top 3 Trends in 2021 Technology is always evolving. Innovation has impacts that ripple across all industries, and commercial real estate is no exception. New and emerging technology is leading to changes in the commercial real estate industry. From virtual reality to smart building solutions, join us…
  • 13Jan

2020 Commercial Real Estate Trends Jared Husmann

Commercial Real Estate Trends: Takeaways From 2020 Many things about 2020 were unprecedented and shrouded in uncertainty, and the commercial real estate market was no exception. Throughout the year, there have been concerns from both renters and property owners as we all navigated this unpredictable territory. As we look forward to the coming year…
  • 17Nov

Return on Investment vs Return on Equity Jared Husmann

Which is More Important: Return on Investment or Return on Equity? There are many ways to calculate the value of a real estate investment: return on investment, cash-on-cash, internal rate of return and more. Individuals should study a variety of different financial ratios before investing in rental property. One calculation, return on equity (ROE),…
  • 9Oct

7 Unique Apartment Services and Amenities That Will Attract New Tenants Jared Husmann

If you own a multifamily property, it’s important to invest in regular maintenance and updates. Potential tenants look for clean units with modern appliances and fixtures. If you want your properties to stand out from the crowd, offer unique apartment services and amenities tenants won’t find anywhere else. Adding one or more of these…
  • 21Sep

Multifamily Niches Jared Husmann

How to Pick a Niche in Commercial Real Estate One 2019 housing survey found 80% of respondents reporting that renting was a better fit for their current lifestyle when compared to buying a home. As more and more individuals choose to continue renting, renter demographics are also shifting. In fact, recent renter growth is…
  • 28Aug

Still bullish on Des Moines: State of the Market participants see bright future for this Iowa city Jared Husmann

Steady and resilient. Those are the words that panelists used during the second annual Des Moines State of the Market summit held Aug. 25 by Midwest Real Estate News and REjournals. Just think of how participants would have described this key Iowa market if it, like all major cities across the country, wasn’t fighting…
  • 14Aug

Missed Due Diligence Items During Your Due Diligence Inspection Jared Husmann

8 Common Due Diligence Mistakes for Multifamily Properties Investing in multifamily real estate is exciting, and multifamily rentals have the potential to deliver huge returns. However, if you’re new to commercial real estate investments, you may benefit from some assistance during the purchasing and due diligence process — especially during property assessments. Inspecting a…
  • 14May

Jared Husmann

Last week I add the fortune of speaking for RE Journal's about the impact of COVID-19 on our marketplace.  To review the webinar please click the link below! https://rejournals.com/re-journals-webinar-series-more-questions-than-answers-for-des-moines-cre-pros/
  • 27Apr

Will the Commercial Real Estate Market in Des Moines Fall During Economic Uncertainty? Jared Husmann

There’s been a lot of unknowns in the news lately, but one thing we’re sure is coming is a financial slow down. The coronavirus pandemic has caused hardships for not only local business owners, but many individuals who are currently out of a job. This lack of spending will have ripple effects in many…
  • 11Apr

Quarterly Newsletter: Q1:2020 Jared Husmann

Quarterly Newsletter_Q1-2020
  • 8Apr

5 Things Apartment Owners Can Do During COVID-19 & What to Expect Afterwards Jared Husmann

The COVID-19 pandemic can easily make us feel uncertain about what’s to come. If you’re investing in multifamily properties, you’re probably wondering about the outlook for your investments and the future of the multifamily rental market. If you’re nervous about your payments and investments, chances are your tenants are nervous too. Think of ways…
  • 18Mar

3 Reasons It’s a Good Time to Be Investing in Multifamily Properties Jared Husmann

Although investing in multifamily properties can be expensive when compared to purchasing a single-family rental property or home, many investors are finding success with multifamily rentals. This article is for anyone who has ever wondered, “Are rental properties a good investment?” Read on to explore three reasons savvy real estate property owners choose to…
  • 14Feb

Expert Advice on Borrowing From Mortgage Brokers vs. Banks Jared Husmann

Commercial real estate investors might want to keep an open mind when looking for financing options for their property investments. Traditionally, investors would go from bank to bank to “shop around” for the best rates and loan financing opportunities for their latest investment. Now, mortgage brokers do the work of finding your best options…
  • 31Jan

2019 Commercial Market Review: Real Estate Trends in Iowa and Beyond Jared Husmann

In 2019, many different commercial real estate trends in Des Moines influenced the market for commercial real estate buyers and sellers. Paying attention to trends is essential for every savvy multifamily real estate investor. Find out what trends we saw each quarter in our 2019 commercial market review. Commercial Real Estate Trends in 2019:…
  • 20Jan

Real Estate Fracking: How To Get More Profit Out of Rental Properties Jared Husmann

The concept of fracking has moved beyond the oil and gas industry and into the real estate industry. The word fracking evolved from the phrase “hydraulic fracturing,” a process where energy companies use high pressure to fracture underground shale rock in order to extract oil and gas. Learn how savvy property owners are leveraging…
  • 20Jan

A Property Owner Shares His Real Estate Investment Tips For Beginners Jared Husmann

We recently sat down with Joe Ekis, a local Des Moines property owner with an impressive breadth of experience within the real estate industry. From managing day-to-day operations to investing in properties and helping operate a property management company, he’s had his hand in all aspects of this type of business. In an exclusive…
  • 20Dec

How To Own An Apartment Building: Owning vs. Owning And Operating Jared Husmann

If you’re interested in buying commercial property to rent out, you’ll need to decide how involved you want to be with your properties. Your level of involvement with your property is truly a personal decision that will depend on your skills, experience, time availability and interest. If you’d rather hire someone  to handle the…
  • 20Dec

Are Rental Properties A Good Investment? Calculating ROI On Property Investments Jared Husmann

If you’re thinking about buying commercial property to rent out, it’s important to understand the cost of your investment compared to the income it will generate. In order to figure out how much money you can make with a multifamily real estate investment, you’ll need to calculate your ROI, or return on investment. Why…
  • 20Dec

Become A Rental Property Owner 101: Multifamily Properties vs. Single-family Properties Jared Husmann

Are rental properties a good investment? If you’re looking for a smart investment with potential for a sizable ROI, buying commercial property to rent out may be the right opportunity for you. In this series, we’ll be covering the basics of owning rental properties, and we’ll explain why learning how to invest in commercial…
  • 17Dec

The Difference Between Amenities and Services: Which is Worth More to Renters? Jared Husmann

If you’re interested in building or investing in multifamily properties, it’s important to consider more than just units per square foot, rent rates and utilities. Certain amenities and services can be enticing to potential renters, and maintaining high overall service quality is vital, if less tangible. Providing flashy amenities might draw tenants in, but…
  • 17Dec

How to Use Real Estate Data and Trends to Make Smart Rental Property Investments Jared Husmann

Buying an investment property to rent out to tenants comes with no guarantee of seeing a return on investment. However, selecting the right property and following industry best practices will help you acquire a real estate investment that generates income. We’ll discuss how to buy a rental property and how to make improvements that…
  • 17Dec

Following Commercial Real Estate Trends: Bringing “We Living” To The Midwest Jared Husmann

Co-living is one of the newest commercial real estate trends that appeals to millennials because it fits in with the millennial lifestyle values of travel, adventure, minimalism and connection. “We living” is gaining popularity in larger cities like New York, Los Angeles and Washington D.C., but could a co-living property find success in the…
  • 17Dec

Purchasing Commercial Real Estate: Why “We Living” Properties Are A Smart Investment Jared Husmann

"We living" is one of the newest commercial real estate trends, and it’s continuing to grow. Co-living properties are popping up in big cities all over the country. The “we living” concept is distinct from traditional apartment living because it offers a dorm-style environment where tenants rent a private apartment but share common spaces…
  • 17Dec

“We Living” is The New Commercial Real Estate Trend to Attract Millennials Jared Husmann

Introducing the biggest up-and-coming commercial real estate trends: “we living” apartment buildings and co-living properties! The “we living” housing concept is a growing trend in big cities like Washington D.C. and New York City. What is "We Living"? The “we living” concept began in 2010 with the genesis of companies like WeWork and the…
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